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Featured Businesses

A growing economy has a place for you.

Catalyst Fabric Solutions

Catalyst Fabric Solutions fulfills on-demand print orders right from the Marianna Airport Commerce Park. This e-commerce technology company handles third-party orders for printing on a variety of textiles, including Sherpa blankets, pillows, and home-goods.

Edd Sorenson: Cave Adventures

World-renowned cave diving expert Edd Sorenson calls Jackson County home. Divers from over 30 countries have visited to learn from and train with him. Dive companies from all over the world call on him to test and develop dive gear, including a side mount tank system specifically for cave diving.

Southern Craft Creamery

Southern Craft Creamery uses locally produced milk to create hand-crafted ice cream that is prized for its texture and flavors. Their simple, interesting flavors are enjoyed by patrons of restaurants and retailers all over the southeast.